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Our Core Ingredients

At BurgerFuel our aim is to supply you with the finest and freshest tasting ingredients available every time. To achieve this we make sure all meals are made to order when you order. They are prepared with the utmost care, preparation, cleanliness and burger making respect you can expect.

Wholemean Bun

Healthy, wholemeal and dairy free - made from a mixture of wholemeal and hard wheat flour, a reduced level of salt and no added sugar, blended with olive oil and topped with roasted sesame seeds. Our buns are also free from any artificial preservatives, using all natural ingredients meticulously prepared, proved over hours and lightly baked to produce a supple, moist bread to envelop the freshest burger ingredients.

100% Pure Grass Fed Beef

Our beef has that tender, meaty and moist texture because it's made simply from 100% pure grass fed beef and made into juicy 1/3 pound patties. How simply made, you ask? Well, our beef has no preservatives, no additives and is completely GE free. Our cows do what cows do best – eat grass and moo - we have strict specification of GMO and hormone free feed.

Natural Butterfly Cut Chicken Breast

Our fresh, lean cut chicken breast is butterfly cut for even, safe cooking. In other words, it's real chicken breast. You will also be pleased to know that our chicken is completely free from any added hormones. Our chicks have real breasts, if you will. These are the healthy and protein rich cuts of chicken like those that can be found at your local butcher or supermarket; no chicken mince, patties or crumbed coatings are used at all. When you have the best ingredients, we find that you can let them speak for themselves. Just delicious natural chicken breast char-grilled to perfection.

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

BurgerFuel vegetarian patties are New Zealand and Australian Vegetarian Society approved, made with 100% natural ingredients, vegetarian cheese and selected herbs and seasonings. All vegetarian and vegan products are prepared and cooked separately from our non-vegetarian products. For those vege-loving vegans, just remove the aioli and melted cheddar to ensure your burger is 100% vegan friendly - containing no animal products whatsoever!

Fresh Handmade Salad

All BurgerFuel stores have fresh produce delivered and preparation is done daily to ensure that natural crisp experience. Our produce is always sourced locally and is the freshest and healthiest pick of the lot. BurgerFuel uses the crunchiest iceberg lettuce, with enhanced durability through the process of washing in cold water and sea salt. We also slice large ripe red tomatoes and delicious red onion rings, always going for natural taste rather than tinned convenience.

Fresh Natural Burgerfuel Aioli

BurgerFuel’s unique aioli recipe provides a smooth, creamy consistency with great taste and is known to be highly addictive - that's what our customers tell us anyway. The aioli is made from pasteurised egg yolk, crushed garlic and canola oil blended into a thick creamy mayonnaise. Made daily and free from artificial flavours, additives or preservatives this sauce is used on all burgers and as an accompaniment for the Spud and Kumara fries which are cooked in fresh clean non GMO canola oil. If you ever wanted know what dipping your chip into a pot of happiness would taste like, then every day at BurgerFuel is your lucky day.

Sweet Batchmade Tomato Relish

Our natural sweet tomato relish is batch brewed and crafted using whole fresh fruit and vegetables, selected herbs and natural spices rather than pre-processed heat-treated pastes or concentrates. All natural ingredients are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Think of our batchmade tomato relish as a natural tomato sauce, with carefully balanced acidity and sweetness - the perfect base for your BurgerFuel burger.

Built Fresh

'Built Fresh' is a stamp of healthy authenticity. It is the food philosophy that BurgerFuel lives and breathes. From our juicy, red ripe tomatoes, crisp, clean green iceburg lettuce and crunchy red onion rings, to our succulent chicken breasts, 100% grass-fed beef, fresh, natural BurgerFuel Aioil, and batch brewed tomato relish, Built Fresh means the fresh ingredients that make a BurgerFuel burger the tastiest, freshest, most awesomely brilliant burger moment you’ll ever have.

If it doesn't say 'Built Fresh', it isn’t.